Common Air Conditioner Problems And Solutions

Common Air Conditioner Problems And Solutions

The middle of summer is the worst time to have your air conditioner act up. Even if your system is regularly maintained, there is still a slight chance you may be a victim of these common air conditioner problems. Read on to find out if you’re in one of these situations and how to resolve them.


Refrigerant leaks – the refrigerant is an essential component of the air conditioning cooling process. It removes heat from the air to leave just the cool air remaining. Every air conditioner is charged with the amount of refrigerant specified by the manufacturer and that refrigerant then gets transported throughout the refrigerant lines in your central air conditioner or heat pump system. Leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, any of which will greatly reduce your HVAC system’s ability to cool your home to the desired temperature. If you have noticed a drastic reduction in performance or suspect that your refrigerant is leaking, make sure to call your HVAC repair technician immediately. Titan’s HVAC will not only detect your leak and seal it but we’ll recharge your refrigerant to the appropriate amount.

Drainage problems –within the cooling process, condensation naturally forms and needs to be properly drained from your system. To achieve this, your system has a condensate drain line and drip pan but if these components were to have dirt or debris clogging them, functionality can be hindered. Clogged drain lines can cause the drip pan to fill with water, which can overflow and cause damage to ceilings, furniture, flooring, and anything else in the water’s path. Ask about having your system fitted with a float switch in the drain pan that will automatically shut off your system when the water is in danger of overflowing. This is a great preventive measure, but can also cause your home’s temperature to rise because the air conditioner will not turn on. Call Titan’s for HVAC service if you suspect you have a drainage issue. Your tech will clear the clog and present additional options to prevent future issues.

Frozen Evaporator Coils – a dirty air filter or dirt and debris coming into the unit can cause restricted air flow and can eventually cause evaporator coils to freeze into a block of ice. Call your technician so that they can properly de-ice your coils and get your system cooling again.


Don’t let any of these common issues stand in your way of the comfort you deserve. Call Titan’s Heating and Cooling at 651-714-8931 for your professional repair solutions.

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