Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner {F300}

An Air Cleaner That’s Low Cost and Low Maintenance

  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Captures up to 99% of airborne particles
  • Renewable and eco-friendly
  • No replacement filters needed
  • Honeywell offers an exclusive 10-year Clean Coil Guarantee
  • Five-year warranty
  • Professional Installation

Honeywell Whole-House Media Air Cleaner {F100}

A Superior Performance in Air Cleaning

  • Up to 85% more efficient at capturing airborne particles compared to a standard one-inch filter
  • Captures both microscopic particles and larger contaminants
  • Lasts up to four times longer than a standard one-inch furnace filter
  • Replace filter every 6 – 12 months
  • Widely compatible
  • Easy to upgrade to a higher performance electronic air cleaner
  • Five-year warranty
  • Professional Installation