How to Limit Spring Allergens at Home

How to Limit Spring Allergens at Home

Warmer weather is sneaking up on us and so are spring allergens. Outdoor pollen and other irritants make their way indoors, spreading microscopic airborne particles throughout your home and causing troublesome symptoms for you and your family. This may seem inevitable but, believe it or not, there are ways you can limit these allergy triggers!


  1. Limit the amount of allergens that are entering your home
      • Avoid spending too much time outdoors during the mid-morning or mid-afternoon times while pollen counts are high. If you must, shower and change your clothes immediately upon entering your home.
      • Avoid hanging your clothes to dry outside and use your dryer instead.
      • Try taking off your shoes outside or use two doormats (one indoor and one outdoor) to help catch allergens from your footwear.
      • Seal any gaps, cracks and openings around windows and doors and keep them closed as much as possible to avoid excess irritants from entering.
  2. Remove the existing indoor allergens
      • Vacuum and dust your home as frequently as possible.
      • Wash your beddings, curtains, and rugs as much as possible in hot water to remove existing particles.
      • Give your pets regular baths. Whether or not they are indoor or outdoor, it is still recommended to remove allergens from their fur.
      • Change your filter regularly.
      • Implement an air purification system, such as an electronic air cleaner, UV lights, particle ionizers, or other indoor air quality products recommended by your HVAC professional.


Using the right system for your home can help remove allergens that are circulating in your air instead of just those that are large enough to coagulate on interior surfaces. May is National Asthma and Allergies Awareness Month: it’s only suiting that you take steps today toward cleaner, healthier indoor air. Contact Titan’s Heating and Air to discuss your options for improved indoor air quality today at 651-714-8931!

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