Most Common HVAC Noises and What They Mean

Most Common HVAC Noises and What They Mean

If your system is making a quiet humming sound, don’t fret! Those quiet and soothing sounds can typically mean that your system is operating just as it should. In contrast, your system may be under a lot of distress if you’re hearing strange or disruptive noises. Curious to what it could mean? Titan is here to help you distinct the most common “weird” noises that your system makes and why!



A “rattling” noise could mean a few things depending on where you’re hearing it from. If it’s coming from the outdoor unit, there may be something stuck in the system such as debris or twigs. This may be an at-home fix you can do – make sure your unit is off and it’s secure to work on and remove any obvious disruptions. If you still hear rattling or have a suspicion that the rattling is coming from the inside, call your local HVAC professional to come diagnose and solve the issue.



Attempt to determine if the “hissing” noise is light, which could indicate that your air filter may need to be replaced or switched out for the correct sizing or type. Make sure to purchase the right air filters and replace them regularly.


If the hissing sound is more loud and detected from the walls, it may be an air leak or loose ductwork. If this is the case, call your Twin Cities technician to help repair this.



If there’s an apparent “clanking” sound that may largely indicate that there are loose parts such as internal parts rubbing together. If not attended to, these loose parts could cause some serious damage to your system. Please call your HVAC experts immediately before the issue evolves into a larger and more expensive case.


Titan Heating & Cooling is licensed in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.  Offering the best products in the industry in Rheem equipment. Titan Heating & Cooling has fully licensed and certified technicians.  Regular maintenance will keep your system running smoothly, but we also offer repair services for when those mysterious noises appear.  Visit us on Facebook or call us today at 651-714-8931.

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