When to Repair or Replace

When to Repair or Replace

Every time is a crucial time to have your system up and working properly. If your central heating unit isn’t doing its job, you are just faced with one question – is it time to repair my system or replace it? Titan’s Heating and Air makes it easy to determine your next steps!


How old is your system?

Generally HVAC systems can live up to 10 years or more depending on how well they are maintained. If your system is having issues at 10 years or older, replacing your system may be the most feasible option you have.

Are your bills skyrocketing?

If your electricity bills are unnecessarily high, your furnace may not may be getting less and less efficient throughout the years. Due to normal wear and tear and even outdated technology, you may see a spike in your energy bills. Replacing your system will allow you to take advantage of the increased efficiency technologies and you’ll end up saving on your utilities each month.

Has your furnace lost the ability to consistently heat your home?

If you notice that your furnace isn’t heating your home properly, it could be an issue that requires further inspection. Talk to your local heating experts to help diagnose the issue to determine whether or not this is a repairable matter.


Regardless if your system needs to be repaired, replaced or if you need help determining what you need between the two, Titan’s Heating and Cooling is here for your every heating and cooling need. We service Twin Cities and surrounding areas and we’re available 24 hours – 7 days a week – 365 days a year! Call us today 651-714-8931.

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