Should You Get Your Air Ducts And Dryer Vents Cleaned?

Should You Get Your Air Ducts And Dryer Vents Cleaned?

Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Improves Energy Efficiency and Reduces Fire Risk! Dryer Vent Cleaning is one of the most-overlooked services in many homes. Clean Dryer Vents help dryers work more efficiently:


      • Your Dryers will last much longer due to less wear and tear
      • Your will save on your Electric bills
      • You greatly reduce Fire Risk


The National Fire Protection Association says clogged dryer vents contribute to nearly 30% of house fires. Is your dryer taking to long to dry your clothes? Is it Hot to the touch after a cycle? Does your laundry room get warm, or leave a musty or burning smell? Did you know Dust accumulation is a major source of indoor air contamination. With Today’s superior building materials it makes your home more secure and better sealed against outside elements than ever before. In doing so these advancements have done a lot to reduce your homes utility costs, but they have inadvertently created a new problem: Poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Indoor air quality (IAQ) has deteriorated to the point where the air inside our homes may be five to ten times more polluted than outside air!


      • It’s a major source for allergies and the discomfort they bring: sneezing, coughing, eye tearing, and skin rashes
      • It can trigger asthma attacks
      • It can aggravate respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD)
      • It can threaten the health of anyone with a compromised immune system


Your homes Air Ducts pick up lots of debris that contribute to poor indoor air quality, and even worse, they recirculate dirty air, making the problems worse.  Moisture can also build up, here are a few examples of how moisture can build up.


      • Due to insufficient ventilation in bathrooms and/or kitchens
      • If you have not had yearly cleaning/maintenance of your Air conditioners
      • Dirty humidifiers and filters
      • Mold can easily sprout inside the above environments, particularly in high humidity regions
      • Smoke that comes from Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, Dirty Furnaces, Gas space heaters, and Candles can easily contribute to polluted Indoor Air
      • Tobacco products are well-documented sources for chemical contaminants as well


A visit from a professional air duct and dryer vent cleaning service from Titan Heating and Cooling will start saving you money and improve your quality of life:


      • Better and reliable over-all performance
      • Fewer expensive repairs from wear and tear
      • More energy efficiency, reducing your energy bills
Danny Jorgenson
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