Thankful For Hvac This Thanksgiving

Out of sight and out of mind, we normally don’t think about our HVAC system more than we need to, unless it’s in need of repair or maintenance in blistering heat or freezing temperatures. However, HVAC system, including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and more are unsung heroes of comfort. It may not be a significant other, family, or pet, but this Thanksgiving, let’s be thankful for our HVAC system and all that it does to make our lives easier each and every day of the year.


In today’s age, we’ve grown accustom to coming home to a perfectly cooled or heated home as if it was second nature. We always depend on our HVAC system to keep the temperature within the 68 to 75 comfort zone with perfect humidity levels and don’t pay attention to it unless trouble arises. So let’s be thankful for the things we never second guess.


It may seem silly to give outward praise and acknowledgement to a piece of technology especially an air conditioning unit at this year’s Thanksgiving table. However, we should all keep in the back of our mind where the comfort we enjoy day in and day out come from, our high efficiency and energy saving HVAC systems.

Danny Jorgenson
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