Why Proper Install MATTERS!

Why Proper Install MATTERS!

When investing in a new heater, the average homeowner focuses on factors such as SEER ratings to equate the efficiency of their new equipment. Although these factors are important, an equally or maybe even more important factor is the quality of the installation! Most homeowners may want to skimp out on the installation, thinking that the equipment will pay for itself, should reconsider. Making sure you have a properly installed system makes an incredible difference in your system’s performance and life.


The main concern of most homeowners is that their new equipment will have better performance and be more energy efficiency which will result in lower energy bills. In order for this to be true, your system will need to have had a quality install. According to EnergyStar studies, having an improperly installed unit can decrease its operating efficiency by 30%. On top of that, about HALF of the installations in America are suspected to be improper. That’s a lot of energy and money being wasted.


If your system is improperly installed, your equipment may be stressing more just to get to that level of comfort you need. Having your equipment work harder will increase your energy bills AND will wear out your system FASTER. If you’re going to be purchasing new equipment, you would want your system to last you as long as you can so protect your investment by getting a proper install – that way, your energy bills will remain low and you’ll elongate the life of your system as well.


Get your install done right the first time! Titan’s make sure we put the time and energy into a proper install to make your life easier. Keeping in mind, a correct install can benefit you by keeping your bills lower, elongating your system’s life, and minimizing the need to repair in the future. Do yourself a favor and call Titan’s today! Titan is based in Twin Cities but services to surrounding areas in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area. Call us today for all your heating needs 651-714-8931!

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